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Gary tang

Height: 6'1" 165 lbs   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

No Accent or Chinese Accent. Firearms, Stage Kung Fu.



Van Dexter, Vampire    |    Lead              |            Best Guerilla Film Short Nominee

Slayer Begins                                         Action On Film International Festival, CA

Panda Run                   |    Lead              |                    Best Mixed Media 2nd Place

                                                                    International Family Film Festival, CA

Beach Day                   |    Lead              |                                      Official Selection

                                                              Action On Film International Festival, CA

This Is Me                    |    Lead             |                                  Short, In Production

                                                                (dir. Mengyuan He, UCLA Director MFA)

No Country for            |    Supporting   |                              Feature, In Production

Young Man                                                        (dir. Shuntian Jiang NYFA Director MFA)


Special Spotlight         |   Lead              |                 Cable 61 (dir. Pascal Plantinga)​

Video Showcase          |   Host               |                 Cable 61 (dir. Douglas Zemkie)


Angel Academy           |   Supporting     |                          Berubians Actors Studio

                                                                     Hollywood, CA  (dir. Rosanna Olguin)

Training & Workshops

Commercial Acting   |   Jonathan Swain   |   San Francisco, CA

Professional Screenwriting   |   UCLA Film School   |  Richard Walter  |  Los Angeles, CA

Special Skills

Beginner Chinese. Fluent French. Former Air Force Officer. Airplane Pilot and Owner.

Singer Baritone. Keyboardist. Saxophonist. Runner. Surfer. Swimmer. Snorkeler.

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